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 SAN Training Course Descriptions  
  Solution Technology offers many Storage Area Network (SAN) courses and has an extensive range of storage protocol seminars.  These courses are available onsite, or at public venues.   Please select from the list below to view a detailed description of each course.
   NVMe Essentials 
Storage Security
   Introduction to Storage Security 
Understanding Serial ATA (SATA)
Understanding Serial ATA (SATA) - Online Course
  In-Depth Serial Attached SCSI-2 (SAS-2.1)
     In-Depth SAS-2 and SATA Combination
In-Depth Serial Attached SCSI-2 (SAS-2.1) - Online Course
  Serial Attached SCSI-2 (SAS-2) Update
  In-Depth SCSI-3 Architecture and Serial Attached SCSI
Fibre Channel
In-Depth Fibre Channel - Online Course
   Fibre Channel over IP (FCIP) Troubleshooting and Trace Analysis
Fibre Channel over Ethernet - FCoE Online Course Updated!
Fibre Channel over Ethernet - FCoE Updated!
  Fibre Channel Protocols
  Fibre Channel Updater
  Fibre Channel Troubleshooting and Trace Analysis

Comprehensive Fibre Channel

  In-Depth Fibre Channel
  Fibre Channel Topologies: Arbitrated Loop and Switched Fabric
  FICON - Fibre Channel for the Enterprise 
Storage Area Networking
  1-Day Storage Interface Overview and Comparison
   Storage Interface Overview and Comparison
  Understanding Storage Networking
  In-Depth Storage Area Networking
  Storage Networking Foundations Certification
  Storage Networking Management & Administration Certification
SCSI-3 Architecture and Commands
SCSI-3 Architecture and Commands - Online Course
  In-Depth Exploration of SCSI
Ethernet for Storage Professionals
In-Depth iSCSI and SCSI Protocols
  In-Depth RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE)
  In-Depth InfiniBand
Public Seminars (see schedule here)

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