Storage Networking Foundations Certification  

Course Description / Overview / Expected Outcome: A group of students was asked recently to define a "SAN." Some replies included "storage area networks," "server area networks," "system area networks" and the instructor's favorite, "The latest thing to sell!" SAN is all of these things and more. This course takes a top-down approach in examining the information flow requirements levied on a Storage Network and how various technologies meet those requirements. It identifies why organizations are moving toward NAS and SAN. It provides a comprehensive technical examination of Fibre channel, SCSI and IP protocols, along with the role they play in a Storage Network. It compares SAN technologies with network technologies including ESCON, Gigabit Ethernet, ATM, and other LAN and WAN physical transports. The course examines the practical problems faced in the heterogeneous world where the "any to any" connectivity provided by SANs can present more problems than it solves. It identifies the techniques used to overcome these problems through the use of volume management, storage resource security and persistent binding. The course identifies the components and products that make up a NAS or SAN, examines the design and performance aspects of a SAN, and finally explores where Storage Networks are headed over the next few years.

What’s exciting about it, why it’s important, where it’s going:
• It provides a one-of-a-kind tutorial with an industry subject matter expert who has real-world experience and superior presentation skills
• It provides a vendor-neutral view of storage networking with a focus leveraging your investment in network infrastructure, existing and future storage and server assets
• It separates the myth from reality of the various storage networking solutions and technologies
• It explains the technical differences between Fibre Channel and IP Storage and when to use these technologies
• It puts you in position to understand what storage networks can and cannot do for you
• It will make you more knowledgeable in dealing with the plethora of vendors of storage networking products and services
• It takes a “network” view of storage networks yet identifies how storage networks differ fundamentally from other data networks like the Internet
• It takes complex storage networking topics and breaks them down in a simple, easy-to-understand way

Course Topics

Storage Network Introduction & Concepts
• Network Vs. Storage
• Server to Storage: Information Flow Requirements
• What is a Physical Transport Network?
• Storage Network Physical Transport Choices
• Beware of Semantics
Basic Storage Network Technology
• SNIA Shared Storage Model
• Identify standards organizations
Storage Networking Myths: Hype versus Reality.
Storage Networking Environment
Storage Technologies
• Disk & Tape Technology
Storage Network Topologies and Applications
Storage Networking Physical Transport Technologies:
• Fibre Channel
• IP Storage
• OSI & The Internet Protocol Suite
• Infiniband
Storage Networking Products and Components
Storage Area Network SAN and Network Attached Storage NAS
Storage Networking SAN Solutions:
• Virtualization
• Storage Management
• Data Management, Backup & Recovery
• Continuity Management & High Availability
• Storage Networking Security
System Internal Network Advances
Storage Network Design Introduction
Storage Network Certification Program
Storage Networking Futures
Course Summary

More Detailed Description (PDF)
Who Should Attend: • This course is designed for individuals who want to earn their SNIA Certified Professional (SCP) through passing the SNIA Storage Networking Network Foundations Exam S10-100.
• This course is targeted towards anyone who designs, implements, manages, specifies or selects Storage Networking technologies.
• This includes IS/IT technical staff and managers, product developers, systems integrators, systems engineers and technical marketing personnel.
• Anyone who wants to understand more about storage networking solutions and technologies
• This course is designed to provide technical and management IT staff a short but comprehensive understanding of Storage Networking.
• Product and project teams that are involved with applications, systems, storage and end users will benefit from this course.
• Developers, integrators, engineers, administrators, managers, marketing personnel and others with a need for an understanding of Storage Networking will find this course extremely informative.
• Anyone involved in storage or data communications networking will understand the similarities and differences between these environments and will be in position to take on the challenges introduced by Storage Networking.
Prerequisites: An understanding of current computer interfaces or networks is desirable, although not absolutely necessary.
Course Length:

2 days - Lecture format