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 Storage Interface Overview & Comparison  
  This two day seminar provides an overview of the principal storage interfaces: Fibre Channel, Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), Serial ATA (SATA), Internet SCSI (iSCSI) and Infiniband (IB). It provides a high-level look at each interface and a comparison of the technical aspects and market applications of each interface.

Course Outline

What is Fibre Channel?
Technical Overview & Applications
Fibre Channel Architecture
Fibre Channel Protocols
 SCSI Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP)
 Fibre Connection Protocol (FICON)
 FC SATA Tunneled Protocol (FC-SATA)
Transport and Link Layers
 Login Session
 Exchange Management
 Sequence Management
 Frame Format
 Transmission Words and Encoding
 Flow Control
Fibre Channel Physical Layer
 Link Rates and Distances
 Optical or Electrical Links?
 Cables and Connectors

What is Serial ATA (SATA)?
SATA Technical Overview & Applications
 SATA Architecture
SATA Transport and Link Layers
 Transport Layer Protocol
 Link Layer Protocol
 Frame Transmission and Reception
 Primitive Descriptions
 Scrambling and Encoding
SATA Physical Layer
 Out of band signaling and Speed Negotiation
 Resets and Signatures
 Interface power states
 Electrical characteristics
 SATA & eSATA Cabling and Connectors
 SATA Port Multipliers and Port Selectors

What is Serial Attached SCSI (SAS)?
Technical Overview & Applications
SAS Architecture
 Initiators, Targets & Expanders
 SAS Connections
 Basic SAS Topology
SAS Protocols
 Serial SCSI Protocol (SSP)
 Serial Management Protocol (SMP)
 Serial ATA Tunneled Protocol (STP)

SAS Transport Layer
SAS Physical Layer
 Encoding & Primitives
 Frame Transmission
 Out of Band Signaling & Resets
 Device identification

What is Internet SCSI (iSCSI)?

iSCSI Overview & Applications
iSCSI Architecture
 iSCSI Layers and Login Sessions
iSCSI Transport Layer
 Protocol Data Units (PDUs)
 Flow Control
 Error Detection & Handling
iSCSI Link Layer
 Gigabit and 10-Gigabit Ethernet
iSCSI Device Discovery
 Service Locator Protocol
 Storage Name Server (iSNS)
iSCSI Performance Considerations
 TCP Offload Engines (TOEs)

What is InfiniBand (IB)?
InfiniBand Technical Overview & Applications
InfiniBand Architecture
Host Channel Adapters, Target Channel Adapters
Switches, Subnets, Addressing and Routers
Direct Memory Access
InfiniBand Transport and Link Layers
Transport Layer Protocol
Link Layer Protocol
Packet Transmission and Reception
Primitive, Ordered Sets and Encoding
InfiniBand Physical Layer
Link Aggregation: 1x, 4x, 8x and 12x Links
Optical or Electrical Links?
Electrical Characteristics
Cabling and Connectors

Comparison, Summary and Conclusion

Who Should Attend: This seminar is targeted towards developers, integrators, managers and others with a need for a broad overview and comparison of current and emerging storage interfaces.
Prerequisites: An understanding of current computer interfaces or networks is desirable, although not absolutely necessary.
Course Length:

2 days