Serial Attached SCSI-2 (SAS-2) Update Course  

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay on top of the changes that occur when a new standard is released by the T10 standards committee. When the SAS-2 standard was approved last year (January 2009), it included fundamental changes to not only the architecture but also included extensive additions to the management protocol and physical interface.

This course was developed to complement the “In-Depth Exploration of Serial Attached SCSI” training that you may have attended prior to the new SAS-2 standard. While we have made incremental updates to our documentation to keep it current, we felt it was important to develop a short course that just covers the fundamental differences between SAS-1 and SAS-2.

In this course you will learn about the changes to SAS terminology, architectural additions including zoning, the new SMP functions, changes to the SCSI Mode Pages that pertain to SAS, changes to speed negotiation, and the changes to the physical interface. You will also learn about the next phase of the SAS standards including the pending release of the SAS Protocol Layer (SPL) document and the SAS 2.1 standard which details new optical media options.

Course Outline

SAS Standards and Roadmap
SAS-2 Standards
SAS Protocol Layer and SAS 2.1
SCSI Trade Association Roadmap
SAS Physical Layer
Mini-SAS HD Connectors and Receptacles
Serial Management Interface
Active Cables
A Brief History of SCSI
SAS Phy Layer
SAS Speed Negotiation for 6Gb
Phy capability bits
Spread Spectrum Clocking
Link Training
SAS Phy Reset Sequences
Identify Address Frame changes
Phy Identification changes
SAS Address update
SAS Link Layer
New primitives
Changes to existing primitives
SSP Application Layer
Changes to Mode Pages
Changes to Log Pages
Send Diagnostic additions

SMP Application Layer
New SMP Functions related to Zoning
Changes to SAS-1 SMP functions
Expansion of SAS-1 SMP functions
Changes to Discover Process
Changes to Configuration Process
Fanout expanders
Edge expander device sets
BPP function
Table routing changes
Expander Reduced Functionality
New Expander Route table
Self-configuring expanders
Zoning basics
Zone Manager and Management
Zone Groups
Zoning Table
Configuring Zones
Zoning bits
Zoning and legacy applications
Zoning SMP functions
Identify Address frame zoning bits
Open Address frame Zone Group usage
Changes to SAS-1 SMP functions

Who Should Attend: This in-depth technical class is targeted towards hardware and software engineers involved in the design, development, integration, deployment, test, and maintenance of Serial Attached SCSI storage devices, storage subsystems and servers that intend to utilize SAS technology.
Prerequisites: The attendee should have attended the “In-depth Exploration of SAS” training or have equivalent experience. Prior detailed knowledge of the SAS architecture is required to fully understand SAS-2 updates. This course does not replace our standard SAS training. If you attend this class without prior SAS knowledge or experience, you will not be able to comprehend the material.
Course Length:

1 day in a face-to-face training or two half-day virtual class sessions