In-Depth InfiniBand  

This seminar is designed to provide a comprehensive summary of the InfiniBand architecture. The course takes the student through the plethora of documentation and simplifies all aspects of InfiniBand. The course will investigate the application aspects of InfiniBand and how to construct an InfiniBand based System Area Network. You will learn the required basics to fully understand InfiniBand and some of the topics covered can be seen below.

Course Outline
InfiniBand Architecture
Why a new I/O Interconnect
Architectural Features and Model
System Area Networks
Subnets, Switches & Routers
IBA Layered Architecture
Upper Layer
Transport Layer
Network Layer
Link Layer
Physical Layer
Verbs & Verb Concepts
Queue Pairs
Work Queue Elements
Completion Queue
Memory Regions
Management Concepts
Subnet Manager
Subnet Management Agent
General Service Agent
Power Management
Transport Functions & Services
Reliable Connection
Unreliable Connection
Reliable Datagrams
Unreliable Datagrams
Raw Packets
Send & Atomics
RDMA Read/Write
Global IDs
Local IDs
Multicast IDs
Unicast IDs
Globally Unique Identifiers
Switching & Routing
Headers & Packet Formats
GRH, LRH, BTH & ETH Headers
Data Packet Formats
Segmentation of Data
Physical Components
Connectors & Cabling
1X, 4X, 12X
Copper & Optical Transmission
Channel Adapters
Memory Translation & Protection
Virtual Lanes
DMA & Memory Management
Adapter & Port IDs
Other Topics Include:
I/O Units
Link & Phy blocks
Ordered Sets & Control Symbols
Performance Counters
Hardware Management
Baseboard Management
Simplified Address Resolution
Flow Control
Link Level
Coalescing ACKs
Credits and ACK/NAK Protocol
IBA Operations
Abnormal Conditions
Duplicate Packets
Ghost Packets
Invalid or Lost Packets
Stale Packets
Connection Protocol
Error Management
Typical I/O Transactions
SCSI RDMA Protocol
Channel & Memory Semantics
Memory Binding
Memory Windows
Memory Regions
Who Should Attend
This seminar is specifically for developers, integrators, managers, marketing personnel, technical writers and others with a need for an understanding of System Area Networks as implemented using InfiniBand technology.
Prerequisites: An understanding of current computer interfaces or networks is useful, but not absolutely necessary.
Course Length: 4 days

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