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Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) Book

Abbreviated Table of Contents
  • Chapter 1 - FCoE Introduction & Concepts
  • The “Converged” Data Center Network, Fibre Channel & FCoE Roadmap, Benefits of Converged Network Approach, What is Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE)?, What’s Different About FCoE?, Benefits of FCoE, Software FCoE vs. Hardware FCoE
  • Chapter 2 - FCoE, Fibre Channel and Ethernet Standards
  • FCoE Development Timeline, FCoE & Fibre Channel Standards, SCSI Standards, Ethernet Standards, Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Standards
  • Chapter 3 - Deployment Scenarios
  • FCoE Point-to-Point Evaluation Scenario, FCoE Gateway Evaluation Scenario, Standalone FCoE Evaluation Scenario, FCoE Blade Server Deployment, FCoE Rack Server Deployment, Deploying FCoE via a Fibre Channel Switch Line Card, Deploying FCoE via an FCoE Forwarder, FCoE via Enhanced Ethernet “Transit” Switches, FCoE Servers & Virtual Machines
  • Chapter 4 - FCoE Configurations
  • Ethernet Point-to-Point, FCoE to Native Fibre Channel Point-to-Point, FCoE Devices Connected to FCoE Forwarders, FCoE ENode to FCF via Intervening Ethernet Network, Hybrid Ethernet & FCoE Fabrics, Hybrid Configuration with Intervening Enhanced Ethernet Switches, FCoE Concentrator Configuration, Fibre Channel & Ethernet Forwarding Protocols, Virtual Machine Environments, Switch Forwarding Strategies, Direct VN_Port to VN_Port Communication?
  • Chapter 5 - Looking at the Benefits
  • Benefits of a Converged Network, Blade Server Example Case Study
  • Chapter 6 - FCoE Technology
  • FCoE & Enhanced Ethernet, FCoE Frame Encapsulation, Architectural Models & Configurations, MAC Addressing, Discovery & Virtual Link Initialization, Access Control, Error Scenarios and Handling
  • Chapter 7 - Ethernet Essentials
  • Ethernet Frame Format, Ethernet Topologies, Ethernet Physical Link Variants, Virtual LANs (VLANs), Making Ethernet “Lossless”, Link Aggregation (NIC Teaming)
  • Chapter 8 - Architecture Models
  • FCoE Virtual Links, FCoE Link Endpoint (FCoE_LEP), Node & Node Port Models, Fabric & Fabric Port Models, Architecture Models Conclusion
  • Chapter 9 - FCoE Addressing
  • Fibre Channel and Ethernet Addresses, MAC Addressing Methods, Server Provided MAC Addresses (SPMA), Fabric Provided MAC Addresses (FPMA), Comparison of SPMA and FPMA, MAC Addressing Summary
  • Chapter 10 - FCoE Discovery and Virtual Link Initialization
  • FCoE Discovery, ENode Virtual Link Initialization, FCF Interswitch Link (ISL) Discovery & Initialization
  • Chapter 11 - FCoE Initialization Protocol (FIP)
  • FIP Discovery Solicitation From an ENode, FIP Discovery Solicitation From FCF, FIP Discovery Advertisement, FIP FLOGI Request and Reply, FIP NPIV FDISC Request and Reply, FIP Fabric LOGO Request and Reply, FIP ELP Request and Reply, FIP Clear Virtual Link, FIP Keep Alive (FKA), FIP Protocol Timers, FCoE Initialization Protocol Error Processing
  • Chapter 12 - FCoE Encapsulation
  • Start-of-Frame and End-of-Frame, Determining the Ethernet Destination Address (DA), Fibre Channel and Ethernet Frame Sizes, Ethernet & Fibre Channel Comparison, Encapsulation/Decapsulation Flow
  • Chapter 13 - Access Control
  • Fibre Channel Zoning, Ethernet Access Control Lists (ACLs) and Static Forwarding Tables
  • Chapter 14 - FCoE Error Conditions
  • Ethernet Duplicate MAC Address Errors, Ethernet Rogue Host Attacks, Ethernet Forwarding Errors, Ethernet & Fiber Channel’s R_A_TOV, Ethernet Link Down Detection
  • Chapter 15 - Summary of FCoE Changes
  • Physical Link (FC-0), Fibre Channel FC-1 Differences, FC-2 Differences, FC-3 Differences, FC-4 Differences, Upper-Level Protocol (ULP) Differences, Link Services (ELS and SW_ILS) Differences
  • Chapter 16 - Data Center Ethernet
  • Per-Priority Pause Flow Control (802.1Qbb), Priority & Bandwidth Management, Ethernet Enhanced Transmission Selection (802.1Qaz), Ethernet Congestion Notification (802.1Qau), Link-Level Discovery Protocol (LLDP), Data Center Bridge Capability Exchange Protocol (DCBX)
  • Reference Information - Glossary, Bibliography, Index

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