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 Fibre Channel Updater  
  If itís been a couple of years since you last took a Fibre Channel course, this seminar will bring you up-to-date on all the latest developments in Fibre Channel technology. Having firmly established itself as the preeminent interface for storage networks and high-performance I/O, Fibre Channel has continued to enhance and expand its functionality and capabilities.

Course  Outline

Standards Update and Roadmap
The new standards structure
Current standards projects
What does the future hold?
Physical Interface Enhancements
4 Gbs and 8 Gbps
Pre-emphasis for electrical links
FC-BaseT: Fibre Channel over Cat5e
Switched Fabric Enhancements
Virtual Fabrics (VSANs and LSANs)
Inter-Fabric Routing
Virtual Channel flow control for ISLs
Fabric-based services and virtualization
 Model for Fabric-based services
 Fabric-based services APIs
Arbitrated Loop Switches
What is a Loop Switch?
Why Loop Switches?
Loop Switches vs. Fabric Switches
Loop Switch operation

Node Port Enhancements
N_Port Virtualization (NPIV)
N_Port support for Virtual Fabrics
Fibre Channel Security Protocols
Authorization Negotiation
Authentication Protocols
Fibre Channel SATA Tunneling
What is FC-SATA?
FC-SATA protocol mapping overview
FC-SATA Information Units
FC-SATA services
Fibre Channel Management
HBA Management Interface
Updates to the Management Server
 Enhanced Zoning Model
 Lock Server
 Performance Server
SNMP Management with MIBs

Who Should Attend: This seminar is designed for developers, integrators, managers and others wanting an update on the Fibre Channel technology and standards.
Prerequisites: A basic understanding of Fibre Channel is required prior to taking this course.
Course Length:

2 days